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At GUK Security, we provide a comprehensive professional service in various sectors ranging from Corporate, Construction, Manufacturing, Public Sectors and more.



With the growing need for security services throughout the UK, most recently due to the COVID19 pandemic, this has led to many sectors having to close their businesses temporarily. Unfortunately this can often lead to the rise in crime so the demand for extra security services has never been greater.

Manned guarding is an excellent step to take in protecting your business. It decreases the opportunity for theft and vandalism, can reduce your insurance costs and our security guards can raise the alarm should an arson attack, or similar, take place at your premises

All our security guards are professionally trained, qualified and individually SIA licensed to meet the varying needs of our customers.

Construction & Utilities Security Service


Construction work often takes months for completion. Most of the construction sites contain dozens of important tools and machinery. This important and expensive equipment is always at a risk of getting stolen from the site. This is often due to the reason that construction sites are open without any significant boundary or locks. Hence, there is always a risk of theft at construction sites.

That is why GUK Security take pride in offering our high-end security services for construction sites. Our security guards will take charge of the place especially during the night hours and provide 24/7 security to the place. This will provide you a peace of mind that your construction site is safe and there will be no possible risk of theft and vandalism.

Corporate Security Service


Never underestimate the need for corporate security when it comes to safeguarding your business. Many businesses often overlook the need for a security provision until affected by loss of confidential information. Alternatively, suffering from break-ins, or being on the receiving end of a security threat.

From clients and businesses who work alongside VIPs and dignitaries, to hospitals and schools and large manufacturing corporations. GUK Security have experience working with a variety of businesses across the UK. No matter the size of your business, we understand how important security is. Furthermore, we offer a bespoke and cost-effective security provision that suits your business needs.

Industrial & Manufacturing Security Service


Factories and industrial sites have large amounts of stock and equipment spread out over large areas therefore it can often be difficult to keep watch of everything when work is being done. GUK have a comprehensive range of security services on offer that we can tailor perfectly to suit the security needs of your premises.

All our officers are SIA approved. Whether unwanted situations break-out between co-workers or emergency planning is needed, our factory and industrial site security guards can provide instant safety.

Invest in security solutions which are specific to your business needs and can provide protection 24 hours a day throughout the year.  Static security guards can monitor access points including gatehouses and identify visitors and employees before entry.  Mobile patrols can also be deployed, providing enhanced safety to car parks and areas where more security is required in larger areas.

Public Sector Security Service


Public sector premises present unique security challenges, and the safeguarding and protection of staff, visitors, service users and assets is vital. From hospital sites and educational establishments where prevention of criminal activity is crucial to operations, to public sector workspaces managing sensitive user data, many premises have large sites, complex user needs and high visitor turnaround.

When working in the public sector, security guards are often filling roles once provided by the police or working alongside them, so we demand the highest standards from our public sector security guards, including additional training or experience in working with the public or responding to dangerous threats.

The people and places protected are of national importance, so we regularly review our packages to make sure that we are always providing the best possible security solution.

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At GUK Security Services we pride ourselves on our expert security services and excellent customer service. We work hard to gain all the relevant accreditations needed to provide our customers with the level of service they deserve.

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